Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Hello, crafty friends! Martha Lucia here to show you how I decorated the Deflecto Curved Magnetic Frame using an adhesive rub-on and WOW Fun Foil. I love to have photos of my family and friends that remind me of happy moments, and this Curved Magnetic Frame is great because it lets me exchange the photo easily - all I need to do is separate the two faces, change the photo and close again. Take a look at my frame:

Creating this was very simple, let me share the process with you: 

1. Choose one of the sentiments of Christine Adolph Rub-Ons from Prima and cut it with scissors. 

2. Clean the Deflecto Curved Magnetic Frame well and position the rub-on where wanted. Take off the back paper and place the design over the Deflecto Curved Magnetic Frame. Using the rub on applicator tool, gently rub the design onto the frame. Gently lift the top transparent sheet, leaving a perfect adhesive design. 

3. Cut a piece of WOW Fun Foil Red and place over the adhesive design. With your fingers, gently rub the foil over the design and then remove. 

4. Insert your photo and voila, your Deflecto Curved Magnetic Frame is ready to use! 

The Curved Magnetic Frame, 6" x 4", securely floats photos/signage between two plastic panels. The panels snap together with the embedded magnets, which makes it super easy to add and/or replace different items. 

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you were inspired here today.

See you soon!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Interlocking Stacking Tower Organizers Make Great Gifts!

Hello everyone, Marilyn here today! JOY TO THE WORLD! Christmas is just around the corner, and it is time to start thinking about the gifts we want to give and how we want to decorate. I think everyone loves snowmen and Joy letters make gift giving fast and easy! Everyone loves a message of JOY, and you can bring others joy with the quick and easy design I am showing here today.


1-1/2" embroidered letters: J O Y
rick rack: 1/2" red
ribbon: 5/8" black & silver; 12"
candle light: Snowman
candy or gift to place in the container

1. Remove release paper from the back of each letter and adhere to the canister as shown; one letter to each compartment.

2. Adhere a piece of ric-rac to the top of each compartment; not interfering with the lock. Line up the seams in the back.

3. Bend the sign dangler accordion fashion or as you would a fan. Remove the release paper from each end. Adhere one end to the top of the lid. Adhere the candle light snowman to the opposite end. This may take some extra adhesive to hold the light in place.

4. Fill the canister with candies or other surprises for the recipient. Finish with a bow under the chin!

Enjoy the coming holidays! A gift from the heart is always a pleasure for the giver and the receiver.

Merry Christmas and may you have a very happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Cookies For Santa!

Hello, Lorrie here! When I was a little girl, one of my favorite parts of Christmas Eve was leaving cookies for Santa. After all, everybody knows that Santa gets really hungry on his travels around the world! This year, I am keeping that tradition alive with this cookie display using Deflecto frames and sign holders.

Materials Needed:

red, brown, white, and black cardstock
Christmas patterned paper
red and white bakers twine
red and white ribbon
adhesive, adhesive foam dots, and glue dots
Cricut die-cutting machine, "From My Kitchen" and "Base Camp" cartridges
red rhinestones and black enamel dots

Sign Holder instructions:

Cut red cardstock to 5"x7". Cut patterned paper to 4 1/2" x 6 1/2". Cut white cardstock to 3"x5". Layer and adhere. Cut out cookies and gingerbread man (both at 1 1/2") and the word "cookies" (1") from the "From My Kitchen" cartridge. Cut "for Santa" from "Base Camp" cartridge. Glue words onto white cardstock. Decorate gingerbread man die-cut with red rhinestones and black enamel dots. Adhere gingerbread man and cookies to corners of paper using foam dots. Clip card onto sign holder. 
Wrap stem of magnetic sign holder with red and white bakers twine, adhering both ends with glue dots. 
Tie bow with some ribbon, attach it to clip at the top of the sign holder with glue dots. 

Frame instructions:

Write your favorite cookie recipe on a 4"x6" card. Layer onto a 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" piece of red cardstock. Place inside the curved magnetic frame. 
Attach die cut gingerbread man to the outside of the frame with adhesive foam dots. 
Tie a bow in the ribbon. Attach to the corner of the frame with glue dots. 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Double-Clip Christmas Ornaments Hold A Surprise!

Christmas anyone? Ready or not; here it comes!
Do you ever give money or gift cards for Christmas? Deflecto has a product that's ideal for making an ornament that will conceal a gift card or money! The photo given shows the top clip which is attached to the tree limb. The bottom clip has the paper ornament glued to it, concealing the clip and the money or gift card that is held in the clip.

You can have fun with this. I punched various sized circles and scalloped circles and embellished them with foil and pine stems. Chipboard stickers and chenille stems were used for further embellishing. I used foil and pine chenille type stems. If you would like to cover up the top clip; make a bow from ribbon and adhere it to the front of the clip. I used glitter glue to enhance the snowflakes and the paper.

Below is a stock company photo of the clip that I used for the ornaments. 

Some close-up photos of my Christmas surprise clips.
Left over paper scraps from your Christmas card making are great for creating these ornaments. Use die-cuts, punches, stickers and other embellishments to decorate them. The size of your ornament will probably depend on the size of the tree you will be hanging it on. The circles used here were 3" and 2-1/2". Have fun with it! You can also adhere a photo of the recipient or a tag with their name to the clip.

Thank you for stopping by the blog today. May you have a blessed and joyful holiday season! Hope you were inspired to have some creative fun!

Take time to enjoy the small blessings along the way and

Live Life with a Flourish!

Friday, December 16, 2016


Hello, crafty friends! Martha Lucia here to show you how I created this lovely table decoration using three of Deflecto's VersaGrip Magnetic Sign Holders.

During Christmas, I love to decorate all the corners, tables and spaces of my house but I love to have decorations that are not too tacky looking and that coordinate with my Christmas tree. I also love centerpieces that don't cover the faces of everyone sitting around me. Deflecto's VersaGrip Magnetic Sign Holders have the perfect height for this purpose, so I used them for this table decoration.

I arranged some pinecones and branches over a rustic wood piece. Since the branches had wires in them, it helped me keep the base of the Deflecto VersaGrips in place.

To decorate each VersaGrip Magnetic Sign I created three stamped cards using die cuts and stamps that I attached using the upper clip that is rotating. I added a ribbon bow on each head using a craft glue, and the best part is that I can remove the glue whenever I want because this head is plastic and change the color of the ribbon or add other decorations.

The heads of these signs can rotate and you can move them around and place them in any direction. It is easy and simple and you can personalize any space in your home.

Thank you for stopping by and see you soon with another fun idea using Deflecto products!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

DIY Holiday Centerpiece and Party Serving Stand

Tis the Season for Holiday Parties and decorating the house. Instead of stressing out, I try to create items with more than one purpose. 
My Holiday Centerpiece also works wonderfully as a Party Serving Stand.

I started with a Deflecto 3 Tier Dessert Stand, wrapping paper, glue stick and cutting mat.

Trace around all three circles onto the back of the wrapping paper. 
Apply the glue stick generously around and inside the circle. Lay circle onto wrapping paper and smooth out any air bubbles. (The nice thing about using wrapping paper and a glue stick is that you can easily remove the paper and glue by soaking stand in warm water.) 
Trim around the circle and inside channels using a craft knife and cutting mat. 

Glue lace around the outside of each circle and assemble the stand. 

Add ribbon and holly berries, and you’re ready for a party.

Or add small ornaments and decorations for a fun Holiday Centerpiece.

For more from Sue Eldred visit her blog Sue's Creative Workshop.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Creative Christmas Photo Holders

Hello! Nadine here today sharing how I created these Christmas Character Photo Holders using Deflecto's VersaGrip™ Magnetic Sign Holder. These would be cute to put on the mantel each year with your kid's school photos or different photos of family members.

Step 1 - Print out some headless Christmas characters, or if you are good with photoshop, you can erase the head off of them. The characters should be about 5½" from neck to feet when printed to cover the sign holders. Fussy cut them out.

Step 2 - This is optional but to enhance some of the details of the images I used a VersaMarker and some Embossing Powder on different areas over the images.

Step 3 - Use a liquid adhesive like Beacons 3-in-1 to adhere the characters to the sign holders.

Step 4 - Cut a strip of Deflecto's Magnetic Craft Sheet to stand the characters on. Since the sign holders are magnetic, the magnetic craft sheet will make it, so they do not fall over easily.

Step 5 - Clip your photos to the VersaGrips add some white tissue paper or something that looks like snow around the bottom of the sign holders to hide the magnetic craft sheet.
Display for everyone to see!

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!

Friday, December 9, 2016

HoHoHo - Christmas Framed Centerpiece

Hi, everyone! Monica here sharing my HoHoHo Christmas framed centerpiece featuring Deflecto's Curved Magnetic frame. Simply pop the frame apart and pop a picture in or use it to create a Christmas centerpiece like me!

First I added a piece of patterned paper from Canvas Corp Brands and then used my glue gun to attach this glitter embellishment that says "Ho Ho Ho." 

Then I added some Christmas trimmings to the frame to finish the piece off. 

A super easy way to make a Christmas centerpiece. I hope everyone enjoyed my post and thanks so much for stopping by!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Using VersaGrip Magnetic Sign Holder in an Unconventional Way

Hello, everyone!!  Kymona here to show you how I used Deflecto's VersaGrip Magnetic Sign Holder in an unconventional way!

My daughter and I hosted my niece and nephews this weekend.  I love having all 6 of them over at once.  My house is busy, noisy and fun.  My little people love crafting with me, so I created a super fun coloring station for them!

Whenever they didn't feel like watching TV, playing outside or on their tablets, they could color on their own time. Once they finished coloring, they would display their coloring using the Deflecto's VersaGrip Magnetic Sign Holder!!

Take a look at the Deflecto's VersaGrip at work:

I think my little people love seeing their work on display more than actually coloring them, LOL!! 

I used some Christmas Cherry Cobbler Sweater Trim Ribbon to decorate the metal stem.  It adds to the festive feeling.  The table that these VersaGrips are sitting on isn't metal, and they do not fall down at all.  As a matter of fact, the magnetic bottom pushes the other grips away if the kids put them to close and they love seeing them move!! 

I love walking past this station and seeing their work change every couple of hours! 

Deflecto VersaGrip Magnetic Sign Holder attaches magnetically to metal surfaces. It holds materials up to 3/8" thick.  The knuckles tilt and rotate from the top and the bottom! It is 7" in height. 

What do you think? Would you give this a try? Please let me know below. If you have any questions, please leave them below as well. 

Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you were inspired here today. 

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Monday, December 5, 2016

The Perfect Christmas Card Holder

Looking for the perfect solution on how to hang all those beautiful Christmas cards you receive each year? This Noel Christmas Card Holder is so easy to create you can pull it together between cooking the turkey and wrapping gifts.


I pulled some cute die cut shapes from my Christmas box and adhered my letters one to each die cut.

I used Tombow Xtreme Tabs to adhere the embellishments to the top half of the VersaGrip Clips. These little tabs are CLEAR and they hold so well it is amazing.

For this project, I used the Wide Clip Sign Holders and the Double Clip Sign Holders. Clip the embellished clip to a ribbon leaving the bottom clip empty for your amazing Christmas cards! (How cute are these little canvas Reindeer??)
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