Monday, June 14, 2021

5 Ways to Protect Your Flooring with FashionMat

Deflecto FashionMats are the perfect way to spruce up and protect almost any indoor and outdoor space! From inside your home, to your backyard, the possibilities are of how these stylish mats can be used are endless. Here are five different ways that you can use them.

Car Trunk Liner:

Transporting plants or bags of dirt to and from the home store can leave your trunk a dirty mess. Save yourself time from vacuuming and use a fashion mat to line and protect the trunk of your car before filling it. When you’re done using it, the smooth surface makes it super easy to clean off!

Small Food Business:

Deflecto Fashion Mats can be used in multiple ways for your small restaurant or bistro. Place a stylish mat in front of your bar area to help catch accidental drops of food when passing customers their orders. You can also place them beneath self-serve drink stations to protect the floor from spills and hot liquids.

Outdoor Baby Play Mat: 

Protect your baby or toddler from the dirt and grass while playing outside. Lay a fashion mat on top of the grass and watch baby play! If needed, you can combine multiple mats to cover large parts of your lawn.

Highchair Mat:

Babies are bound to get food on the floor while eating their meals and snacks in high chairs. Use a fashion mat as a catch-all that will make for easy cleanup after each mealtime. Use hot water, a rag, and dish soap to scrub out stubborn stains and dried foods when needed.


Use a mat with a fun pattern under your office desk to help glide your chair easily across the floor. Deflecto Fashion Mats can also help protect your floor from black scuff marks and wood scratches that are commonly caused by chair wheels.


Now that you have five creative ways to use your Deflecto FashionMats, try thinking of other clever ways to use them throughout your home, business, office, and other spaces. Don’t forget to share your projects and ideas with us using #DeflectoAtHome on social media.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Home School - Planning Your Child's Day

Now that many of us are learning from home, I’ve realized that the best way to make this situation work for us is to create a routine structure. Deflecto Antimicrobial Kids Storage products are perfect for setting-up your learning center for success by keeping you organized. By incorporating learning, creativity, and play, you can plan a structured day for your child that works for you both. Here are some tips to help you plan your child’s day.

Morning Time: (Learning)

  1. After a healthy breakfast, my daughter is energized, happy, and very busy. If your little one needs something to do to keep their little hands out of trouble, start the day off with some structured learning time. Since my daughter is a visual learner, I used decorative tape to divide The Finger Paint Tray into three separate parts for visual math. Not only does this idea turn math into a game in order to keep her busy, but it also keeps the playroom organized.

Late Morning (Creativity)

  1. Once my daughter’s attention span with math games is slowing down, I quickly move to a new, more creative activity: clay animal play! I love how Round Storage Tray is able to hold all the animals and model clay for a simple, mess-free solution for keeping little ones busy. Not only does this activity promote fine motor skills, but also promotes imagination and play. Bonus tip: ask your child what sounds each animal makes!

Lunch Time (Meal)

  1. Time for a lunch break! Set up your little one with the Lap Tray. There are plenty of pockets to hold juice and snacks as well. Take this time to spend some quality time with.

Early Afternoon (Play)

  1. After lunch, it’s playtime! Using the Finger Paint Tray I created a no-mess paint station for my daughter to paint lovely pictures. Ask your child if they can paint you a picture of a tree. By asking for a specific object, you will be able to test their ability to follow directions.

Late Afternoon (Meal)

  1. Around 3:00, my daughter has an afternoon snack to re-energize and hold her over for dinner. I like to place healthy snack bars on the Lap Tray because it is easily accessible for her small hands.

Now you’ve got a jumping point for scheduling your child’s structured day. Think about how you can incorporate learning, creativity, and play into your daily routine with the Deflecto Antimicrobial Kids Storage.

Share your projects and ideas with us using #DeflectoAtHome on social media.

Monday, February 8, 2021

Home Kitchen Pantry Organization

 Cleaning your pantry can be overwhelming, but we have you covered! Check out these simple steps to help get your pantry organized in no time. 

Empty Your Entire Pantry

Starting out with a clean slate can be very refreshing. Throw out expired foods or items that are not used frequently.

Categorize Like Items

Putting like items together will help you be able to find things quickly. Categorizing and subdividing will help maximize your efficiency. 

Use Clear Containers

Using clear containers is visually appealing by having an inspiring uniform tidiness. The Interlocking Stacking Organizer is perfect for pasta. The Stackable Cube Organizer can help keep your space clutter-free by storing small snacks or baking supplies. 

Kid-Friendly Space

Have an easy to reach area just for the kiddos. They can easily grab the snacks they want. A huge bonus is they won't have to ask you every time to get it. 

Utilize Every Space

Use a can rack organizer for canned drinks or canned foods. Shelf risers or spice racks help you see smaller jars and items. The door and wall can also be utilized with the Wall Mounting Bar paired with the Stackable Caddy Organizer or Tilt Bin Interlocking Storage Organizer would be perfect for small packets and snack packs. 


Label all of your containers and storage bins. Using a label maker or sticker paper will make finding food and ingredients pleasant and easy.

Use Decorative Baskets & Bins

Decorative baskets or bins are perfect storage solutions for reusable bags, plastic wrap, or other kitchen necessities. It is a great way to hide storage bags that are hard to keep tidy. Use the Antimicrobial Jumbo Magainze File to hold all of these items and save space in your cabinets! Tip: Use sturdy boxes and dress them up in some wrapping paper, leftover wallpaper, or contact paper.

Family Help

Have everyone in the family keep up the good work. Show them where everything goes and take turns on maintaining it twice a month!

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Organize Kids' Spaces Around your Home

My children have their toys and books everywhere. As a parent, do you feel that way too? Even if my kids have a playroom, an at-home learning center, and their own bedroom, a few of their toys end up making their way out of their room and into our adult space. To make our home more functional and happy, I love using Deflecto’s Antimicrobial Kids Storage. Here are some tips I’ve used throughout my home to keep this mom happy.


While I am making meals for the family and the kids want to keep me company in the kitchen, I like to keep their tiny hands busy with activity. Like making a menu for the family to have while we play “Fancy Restaurant” for dinner. The Antimicrobial Kids Storage Caddy is perfect for children to easily grab for a quick craft. I have some scrap paper, markers, crayons, and glue for the kids to get creative with right before it’s time for us to eat our meal. 


In my children’s playroom, the Antimicrobial Kids Rectangular Storage Bin really helps keep toys organized. I’ve used it for various food toys near the play kitchen and hand puppets right next to the puppet theatre. Organizing by color can teach children how to keep toys clean and organized also.

Children's Bedroom

In our household, we dedicate quiet time in the afternoon for the children. During that time, they can read a book, take a nap, or play alone quietly. This really helps, especially when my husband and I are working remotely from home. In the kid’s rooms, the Antimicrobial Kids Storage 2.5 Qt. Tote is perfect for storing smaller items like character figurines. Need a little more space? Simply stack multiple totes on top of each other for more space-saving storage.

Parents Room

Right before bedtime, our kids love to read. Sometimes, they love to snuggle in our master bedroom with a good book in tow. I like to use the Antimicrobial Kids Book Bin and assign a color for each child’s book. When it’s storytime, each child chooses a book from their bin and hands it over to my husband or me to read. It’s the perfect way to keep their books in our space organized.

Occasionally, I can get overwhelmed with my kids’ toys and books everywhere. I’m glad for the Antimicrobial Kids Storage system. Not only does it help keep our household organized, but it also helps reduce the spread of germs.

Share your projects and ideas with us using #DeflectoAtHome on social media.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Tips for Getting Organized in the New Year


The New Year is the perfect opportunity for making resolutions, renewing your goals, and reorganizing your home. I like to start off each January with a deep clean and organization to set myself up for success for the new start. Here are my top 10 tips for getting organized in the New Year.

  1. Set Manageable Goals In order to stay organized, set manageable goals for yourself. Write down three things every morning that you can realistically accomplish. At the end of the day, you’ll feel more accomplished and encouraged to tackle all those little tasks.
  2. Get with the Flow When organizing your space, first declutter. A mess is necessary in order to get a good, organized flow of your area. Put most used items in easy to reach places or at eye level if it’s on a shelf. Things that aren’t used, frequently, put away in lower drawers, cabinets, shelves.
  3. Establish Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Routines -  As a busy mom and business owner, I know the importance of establishing a daily, weekly, and monthly routine. I need a clear, set routine to keep everything moving and in-order. In my office corner, I keep my daily, weekly, and monthly schedules separate. Visually, it can be overwhelming looking at my monthly calendar when I just need to know what to do just for that day, so I separate my schedules into different drawers using the Three-Drawer Organizer. That way I know exactly where and what I need for that exact moment. 
  4. Track Your Progress -  A big part of staying organized is tracking your progress for the whole family, especially for the kids. Create new and helpful habits for your little ones. I found a fun way to keep track of our progress by adding stickers to a chore chart. My daughter, Lily, loves to check off her chores with stickers. It makes keeping us organized fun and simple!
  5. Choose One Area at a Time -  Organizing can be overwhelming at times. Instead of having a large project to complete by a deadline, break it down into smaller, more manageable bites. Choose one area at a time to organize. I usually tell myself: “Today I’m going to organize my closet today.” That’s a manageable chore, instead of cleaning every single closet in my house.
  6. Find a Home for Everything - In the past, whenever me or my husband needed a nail, I used to dig through several buckets before I was able to find one. Now, I’ve started keeping all my tools, nails, and screws, perfectly organized in the garage. The Stackable Caddy Organizer Multi-Pack Bundle makes the perfect toolbox (and the rolling wheels base makes it so easy to move around to whatever project I need it for!). By finding a home for everything, I am able to simplify my life and make it less stressful. 
  7. Color Code I love color-coding. It’s so incredibly easy to get organized when everything is visually and aesthetically in order. My favorite way to do this is arranging it similar to a rainbow - white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, and black.
  8. Divide And Conquer -  Organizing is not for the faint of heart. We all need a little help to get and stay organized. That’s why I rely on my family to help me divide and conquer messy situations. Don’t be afraid to ask for a little help. When everyone pitches in, we all get the work done in time.
  9. Create New Storage Solutions If your current organization system isn’t working, it might be time to switch up your organization game. Don’t be afraid to be creative in making new storage solutions! I recently started using Tilt Bin® Interlocking Storage Organizer for my electronics. With the unique interlocking system, this organizer is perfect for keeping all my chargers, wires, and other electronic gear all in one place instead of all over the house.
  10. Set Reminders Set reminders on your calendar or phone to revisit the newly organized space to keep up the good habits. The secret to an organized home is to stay organized. By setting yourself periodic reminders, you maintain the function and order.
Now it’s time to celebrate your success in your newly organized space! The New Year is the perfect time to reinvent a new you. With these simple tips, you can achieve your organizational dreams. #DeflectoAtHome

Friday, January 8, 2021

Tips for Home Office Organization

Working in the office may look a little different this year since many of us are working from home. I don’t know about you, but I am ​so​ easily distracted. My daughter’s toys and artwork can get cluttered with my work, making it difficult to find what I need for work. That’s why it’s so important that my home office is as productive, organized, and efficient as possible. Luckily, Deflecto offers amazing storage solutions to help me focus on what’s really important for me- working on growing my small business. Here are my tips to help you keep your home office organized with Deflecto, so you can knock out your work projects instead of making it a project to find that spreadsheet for a meeting.

Featured Storage Containers:

  1. See Clearly, Think Clearly

    When organizing my space, I like to look for clear, acrylic containers like the Tilt Bin® Interlocking Storage Organizers, so that I can see everything I need right away. Visualizing all my office supplies really helps me save my mental bandwidth for project management instead of trying to recall where I placed my laptop charger. Everything from Post-it notes, measuring tapes, chargers, and cords fits so well into the clear tilt bins. The lift and lock feature makes it super simple to stack and store for more storage space- a must for my small home office.
  2. Think Outside the Box  

    I’m always thinking about innovative ways to bring creativity into my client’s products. This also translates into my home office! I love these Interlocking Stacking Organizers and the vertical space options they provide, however, I like to use them for other needs as well. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your Deflecto storage solutions to make it work for your needs! I turned my interlocking stacking organizer into a business card holder- and it works fabulously. What storage container can you use in a different way that works for your needs? 
  3. Add and Subtract

Working from home this year doesn’t have to be a chaotic, unorganized mess. Let me know which of these tips you used to maintain order so you can keep organized and productive.

Share your projects and ideas with us using: #DeflectoAtHome
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