Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Fall Dessert Stand and Fall Characters Decor

Fall is officially here! This is the time of year that we start thinking about the holidays along with parties, decorating and entertaining. I used Deflecto products for the projects shown below. Read on, and I will tell you how!

For the 3 tier dessert stand; you will need:

Deflecto: 3-Tier Dessert Stand #20201CR; Versa-grip Double-Clip Sign Holder #20008CR
Cardstock: green, orange, gold, yellow
Die-cut Machine & maple leaf die 
Inkpads: green, orange, gold, yellow
Wedge Sponges


1. Follow the instructions in the package to assemble the 3-Tier Dessert Stand.
2. Cut 3/8" x 12" strips of green cardstock.
3. Refer to the photos given below. Cut out the leaves in the given size and colors shown.
4. Chalk the edges of the leaves using the inks and sponges.
5. Refer to the row at the bottom of the page and adhere the leaves to the strips of green paper.
6. Adhere to the sides of the dessert stand as shown.
7. Use the double clip sign holder to attach the larger maple leaves to the top of the stand.

For the Witchy-Pooh Character you will need:

Deflecto: Mini Sign Holders: 3" x 4" Sign Holder, one; 1-1/2" x 2", one; Flexible Sign Danglers; 4
Cardstock: Purple, Green, Black, Orange
Die-cut Machine
Dies: circles, pinked edge circle, teardrop, oval
Permanent Black Marker; fine point
Paper Trimmer


1. Arms: Refer to the photo below. Cut the paper shapes shown and assemble them as shown on the right. Slide between the panels of the sign holder behind the paper with each side of "arms" extending evenly.

2. Legs: Cut the green paper. Adhere to the sign danglers. Fold the danglers accordion style as shown. The adhesive portions should be facing up. Remove the release paper before adhering to the bottom of the sign holder. Remove the release paper on the opposite end and adhere the shoes.

3. For the hat: Fold the 3" black circle in two. Form the 2-1/2" into a cone and adhere to the top of the 3" brim. Hair: Fold down the top edge of the orange oval (for the bangs). Cut a fringe into the oval for the effect of hair. Cut from each side. Adhere the head to the hair.

4. Finish: Everything will be adhered to the outside of the sign holder except for the 3" x 4" rectangle (body) that goes between the sign holder panels. Use the photo given for a visual guide.

Look below for some more ideas using the mini sign holders and sign danglers. You can do a lot with basic shapes: squares, circles, rectangles, teardrops, etc. The turkey tail feathers are die-cut maple leaves.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Halloween Decorating with Deflecto!

We are ready for Halloween!

Hello! Rosie here and I am thrilled to be sharing my first DT project with Deflecto. I am so excited to be part of the team, and I hope to inspire you with these fantastic products.
While my boys are older now and no more trick-or-treating happens in our home anymore, we do love to welcome the kids in our neighborhood that come knocking on our door. This year we will have lots of candy ready for them and with the amazing products of Deflecto it will be even easier to prepare and be prepared for those Trick-Or-Treaters heading our way.

Here are the products I used from Deflecto: 
You will see them displayed below.

I started decorating 3 Tier Dessert Stand as you can see in the picture below. 
I added the black skirt and wrapped some garland around the top and bottom tiers of the stand.

I then added candy to all tiers and wa-la!! 
With just I little more decoration around the tier and all the candy it holds is ready for 
Halloween Day. I guess we will be eating candy until that day. 

Here a few more pictures of my display.

Can you see the 3-Tier-Dessert-Stand?

I also used part of the paper cup as decoration on the two different sizes of mini holders.

Here is how the entrance looks.

At the very top of tier I also used another cup as decoration. 
I used VersaGrip-Double-Clip-Sign-Holder to hold the cup. 

Thank you so much for stopping by! 
See you next time.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Fall Recipe Holder

I start thinking about fall baking as soon as the weather starts turning cool.
And… I’m always on the look-out for a good recipe.
To keep the recipe from getting lost once all the ingredients are out, I need a good recipe holder.

Here’s a easy project that I made using the Deflecto VersaGrip Magnetic Sign Holder.
(The recipe card holder would also make a cute name holder as well.)
For Fun…I added the “life is short…” saying into a 3″ x 4″ Mini Slanted Sign Holder.
(Both the recipe card and the saying is from the Authentique Bountiful Collection.)

To make my Recipe Holder…
I used a compressed sponge to apply ink directly onto the base and the white band of the
VersaGrip Magnetic Sign Holder. (StazOn Inkpads is a fast-drying permanent ink.)

I wrapped the wire center around a round paintbrush to add a little whimsy.

The VersaGrip Magnetic Sign Holder is magnetic so it also sticks onto your refrigerator.
Did you notice the magnet picture frame on the top right corner?
It was made by covering a Deflecto Magnetic Craft Sheet with scrapbook paper and cutting the frame shape out using a frame die cut.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Drink Me Bat Juice Potion

Hi everyone! It's Halloween time and who doesn't love some Bat Juice?? I love adding new things to my Halloween decor every year and this year it is a fun Drink Me sign and a Bat Juice Potion Jar to go with it. For these projects, have use the Flexible Sign Danglers and the Mini Slanted Sign Holder.

The Mini Slanted Sign Holder is 3x4 and the perfect size to add to any table, buffet, or craft project! I love them for adding to my craft displays. It is super easy to decorate inside and outside the frame. Here I have added some 3D decorations to the front of the frame using 2 sided tape and foam dots. I have also used a Flexible Sign Dangler to add my bat over the sign. Fun!

I also used a Flexible Sign Dangler to attach another flying bat to my potion bottle. These little sign danglers are so easy to use in so many ways!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Halloween Place Setting

Hello! Nadine here today sharing a quick and easy napkin ring my daughter and I created using Deflecto's Flexible Sign Danglers. All we did was bend them around so they were in oval shape and then hot glued on some googly eyes around the sign dangler.

The Flexible Sign Danglers are thin metal pieces that can be bent, twisted, and placed wherever needed. At each end has an adhesive tab to stick to any surface. For my napkin rings, I adhered the two tabs together.

Thank you for stopping by and happy crafting!
Nadine Carlier

Friday, October 13, 2017

3-Tier Dessert Stand Customized for Halloween

Hi everyone, it's Josefine, and I'm so glad to be back with another guest design team post. Today, I want to share my Halloween project with you, and it's going to be yummy!

I'm using the 3-Tier Dessert Stand as the base and the Mini Sign Holders in two different sizes (2x3 and 3x4) for parts of the decoration. I started with decorating the 3 levels of the 3-Tier Dessert Stand using Mod Podge and tissue paper. Thankfully I had the right Halloween colors laying around.

I simply spread out the Mod Podge on the base using a simple brush and then added the tissue paper on top. I wanted the paper to be rather messy with a lot of wrinkles, so I moved it around a bit till I had the effect that I wanted. Then I added another layer of Mod Podge on top of the tissue paper and let it dry.

Next up, I prepared the inlays for the Mini Sign Holders. To ensure that the paper has the correct size, I drew the squares onto regular white cardstock and cut it with my paper guillotine.

At the end, I decorated 4 of each size using washi tape, cute Halloween stamps, stencils all put together with a bunch of fun. I really enjoyed the process of creating all these little scenes :)

This is really a fun and simple project that you can do with your kids or friends during movie and wine night ;) Here are all the little scenes that I created. Btw, did you know how difficult it is to get Halloween cupcakes one month before Halloween? All my grocery store had was Christmas themed cupcakes. I couldn't believe it :D

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed my Halloween project! I definitely need one of these cupcakes now ;) Josefine

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Deflecto Designer Spotlight for October 2017

Congratulations to the Deflecto Designers whose blog posts have been chosen for the
month of October. Check out their projects and instructions on the links given below!

Jessica Litman's project

Josefine Fourage's project

Marilyn Gossett's project

Sue Eldred's project


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