Friday, May 29, 2020

Quick and Easy Rainbow Encouragement Cards

Create Rainbows of Color with these Quick and Easy Cards of Encouragement
created by Design Team Member, Beth Watson. 

How to Create Rainbow Cards of Encouragement

Materials Needed:

  • Mixed Media Art Paper
  • Dual Brush Tip Art Markers
  • Blank Cards with Envelopes
  • Adhesives
  • Circle and Heart Templates
  • Variety of Colored Cardstock 
Featured Storage:  Stackable Cube Organizers


  • Create patterned paper by drawing lines, in rainbow order, on four sheets of mixed media paper. Create two horizontal and two vertical sheets. This paper was from a pad, so I removed the perforated strip along the side. (Use any combination of colors that you want to create a custom rainbow.)

  • The cards are made with one half of an 8 1/2″ by 11″ piece of cardstock (8 1/2″ by 5 1/2″) folded in half to create a 4 1/2″ by 5 1/2″ card. 
  • Start by cutting four sections of the homemade rainbow paper into rectangles to fit the card fronts. I sketched and lettered messages onto hearts and circles with Brush Pens. 
  • Attach to the card fronts with a tape runner. Mix and match the hand-lettered words of encouragement with printing. Use letter stickers if you don’t care for your hand lettering.

  • For the second set of four cards, trace a variety of hearts and circles with the templates onto the handmade rainbow paper. You could also use paper punches. Mix and match adding the circles to colored cardstock with adhesive and foam tape for added dimension. 
  • Layer the embellished cardstock onto the blank card fronts. 
  • Add words of encouragement with a permanent marker, hand lettering, and printing.

  • For the third set of four cards, trace a variety of hearts and circles with the templates onto the rainbow and colored cardstock paper. You could also draw your templates. Mix and match adding the hearts to the card fronts and colored cardstock foam tape for added dimension.
  • Layer the embellished cardstock onto the card front blanks with adhesive tape runner.
  • Add words of encouragement with hand lettering, and printing.

Beth loves using the Deflecto Stackable Cube Organizers to keep her embellishments 
and work surface organized.  

Beth says..."Being organized allows me to be more productive in my creative flow.  Having everything at arms reach and visible through the plastic drawers has been a game-changer.  
I love how this storage unit looks on my work table in my studio."  (and we love it too!)

For more fun projects from Beth and how she uses the organizers visit her blog here.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Thank A Nurse Card

Card Designed By Nadine Carlier

Nurses do a lot and put up with a lot and don't always get the Thanks they deserve.

So if you get a chance, don't forget to Thank a Nurse.

This is how Design Team Member Nadine Carlier uses hers...

"I do a lot of ink blending and have a lot of different ink blending tools.  Some of them are small and hard to keep organized. I started using the Deflecto Stackable Cube with 2 Drawers and also with 4 Drawers. Because I have so many sponge daubers, I took one of the bigger drawers from the Deflecto 2 Drawer Cube and exchanged it with 2 of the smaller drawers from the Deflecto 4 Drawer Cube to fit all the daubers in and so that all of my ink blenders are all in the same cube."

There are several different styles of Deflecto Stackable Cube Organizers that lets you 
create custom storage.  Keeps your workspace clutter-free and supplies close at hand.

For More fun projects from Nadine you can visit her blog here.

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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Creative Doodling with Kids

Designed by Erin Reed  

Doodling with kids is a simple way to keep them busy and release a little stress.

Material Needed:
  • White Paper
  • Art Markers

Featured Storage:  Interlocking Marker Organizer

Creating doodles or small bits of art is easier if done one small space at a time.

  • Take a sheet of paper and fold it into quarters, making 4 panels. 
  • Doodle on one panel at a time.  
  • On the second panel, create a different doodle.
  • Create a different doodle in each panel.  
  • Having a smaller space makes it easier to be creative.  

For more fun projects from Erin you can visit her blog here.

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Monday, May 18, 2020

Anita's Macaroons

Design Team Member Anita Scroggins has been obsessed lately with making macaroons.
She recently shared her tips and struggles with us in her latest blog post.  

Macaroon Ingredients:
  • Egg whites
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Almond Flour
  • Flavoring
  • Food Coloring

Featured Storage: Deflecto Small 3 Drawer Organizer

Anita uses the Deflecto Small 3 Drawer Organizer that has three divided drawers to keep her baking supplies neat and tidy.  The three drawer organizer is transparent which makes finding the right icing tip easy to find. 

Grab a cup of tea and head on over to Anita's Blog for the full macaroon process.

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