Tuesday, January 23, 2018

One Caddy Many Ways

Hi Everyone!
Alexandra from the Hedgehog Hollow here.  First of all thanks so much for all your wonderful comments on my make up organizer last month; it was a very popular present, and lots of friends have requested one! I feel a video tutorial coming on!! Today I wanted to explore in a bit more details some of the other ways we use the caddy around the house; they are so versatile and can be customized for any hobby or room.  I especially love that you can stack them and also add wheels which gives them even more versatility. Like this...

The caddy has three sizes of boxes, a single, double or triple and you have three slots on either side to utilize; you can see the sizes below:

In the picture above you can see we store cables in these too; every gadget comes with a cable these days. These are perfect for storing them in. This one happens to be for my husband's photography things. He has one for keeping cleaning things in, another with clips. Plus, he stores adapters, spare batteries, etc. in all of them and then he stacks them on wheels so when we are shooting around the house, it's easy for him to move around.  You can also take up a slot with a pen holder...

In the picture above I added makeup brushes, but you can store Copics, markers, gel pens, paintbrushes and more; so whatever your hobby or wherever you need some storage this is great for things you need easily accessible.  I have one of these in my pantry with food coloring and more cake decorating supplies that I use less often.  I have given one to a friend who loves adult coloring books, she keeps all her supplies in there.  I also have some for the girls craft supplies, in the picture below you can see Tilly's crayons and Maddi's ribbons...

Thanks so much for joining me today; I'm super excited to see what Deflecto is launching at Creativation because these caddies are awesome!
See you next month!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Organizing the Kids Craft Cabinet

I have this awkward wall cabinet between my kitchen and dining room.

It opens fully on the dining room side and only partially on the kitchen side.

Not completely functional, it doesn’t get used all that much.

It’s been the dumping spot for misc. household and kid crafts for the past two decades.

My very active grandsons always want to make something, do something.

I thought a more organized easily accessed spot would be a good idea.

After a little sorting and purging, it’s nice and neat.   

Everything’s labeled.  It’s easy to find everything they’ll need.

Here are the products I used to organize my Kid’s Craft Cabinet:
  • Interlocking 5 Tilt Bin Organizer
  • Interlocking  Tilt Bin Organizers, Six Bin (20603CR)
  • Single Tilt Bins (421103CR)
  • Interlocking Marker Organizer
  • Rotating Carousel Organizer, Nine Canisters (3901CR)*

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

De-cluttering for the New Year with Deflecto!

Happy New Year!  Wishing us all a wonderful and blessed New Year!  May all your dreams come true for 2018!  Would you like to know my dream for the new year?  It is actually the same one that I have every year!  I dream of having my studio completely cleaned up and organized as well as the rest of my house! 

I think fighting clutter is high on the list for most of us.  By the time Christmas is over, I can barely get to my desk in the studio! There are boxes and clutter everywhere!  Since I love to work in this room without the clutter, I have decided to take it in hand and attempt to start fresh for this year.

I am taking some pictures of where I am now, and the great products I have to help me get organized.

This is a picture of a portion of the studio as I walk through the door.  I have actually been sorting through things and eliminated a lot of boxes, but still, have a long way to go.  I will post another blog once I work my way through all of this and show you how it turned out!

In the photo below I am showing a bookshelf that is filled with some of my Deflecto storage.  I have various sizes of tilt out interlocking multi-bin storage organizer that fit together for storing smaller things like flowers, embellishments, hardware, etc. I am going to empty everything and make it more efficient as I have a tendency to put things out of sight without giving it much thought.  Sound familiar?  

The tilt-out bins can be removed which allows for 2 different modes of storage.  The tilt bin can be used to hold pens as you can see on the upper shelf to the left.  Right below that is a newer product made especially for holding pens.  These interlock and you can add as many as you like.  They can be stood upright or put on their sides as shown.  These also fit nicely into the new caddy storage that is very popular with crafters and makers.  Here is another view below.  On the top of the shelf are more Deflecto storage products that I have used for various purposes.

The photo below features one of my favorite products from Deflecto.  These are interlocking 4-bin units that can be taken apart and used as a single compartment.  I have added knobs to the front of some of the bins; others I made into a candy bin with knobs decorating the top.  Right now, I have them all interlocked into a unit and I need to organize everything that is in the bins.  I love these!  They are fun and easy to alter if you like to personalize your decor.  You can separate the bins and use them as gifts, personalizing them for the recipient.

The next photo shown is a close-up of my favorite bins.  If you look close at the lower left hand quad, you will see the clear acrylic knobs that I attached to the bins.  I love the way these look!  You can purchase 1 bin at a time, or purchase them in a package of 4.

If you share my pain with clutter, leave me a message if you have any organizing tips that work well for you!  

I will be back with an update on my de-clutter!  Leave me a comment if you have any special tips!  My special tip is donate, donate, donate! Lol!



Friday, January 12, 2018

Creativation 2018 Make n' Take - Flower Bin

Creativation 2018 Make n' Take Project
Flower Bin by Anita Scroggins

Deflecto products used:
Rotating Carousel Organizer
VersaGrip Sign Holders

Creativation 2018 Make n' Take - Mini Flip Album

Creativation 2018 Make n' Take Project
Mini Flip Album by Sue Eldred

Deflecto products used:
4" x 6" Frame

Creativation 2018 Make n' Take - "Bee Mine" Valentine Mini Frame

Creativation 2018 Make n' Take Project
"Bee Mine" Valentine Mini Frame by Marilyn Gossett

Deflecto products used:
3" x 4" Mini Frame
Sign Danglers

Creativation 2018 Make n' Take - "Hello" Display Board

Creativation 2018 Make n' Take Project
"Hello" Display Board by Sue Eldred

Deflecto products used:
Black Writing Display Board
Sign Danglers
White Wet Erase Marker

Organizing Is Also Part Of My Hobby

If I am not crafting I am organizing my craft supplies and believe me, I enjoy it as much.  Although organizing is an all year process, for some reason the beginning of the new year its always more motivating to do it.

I have taken lots of photos to share with you on how Deflecto products help me stay organized.

First, I like to display positive inspiration every so often. I need it as a constant reminder of the great things in the world. The Deflecto frame if perfect to interchange slides of positive quotes. So I keep it like this close to my desk.

8 1/2"x11"  - Black Craft Frame. See here: Craft Frame

On my desk I also keep the Deflecto Marker Organizer. It helps me keep my tools, markers and other useful items at arm's reach.

Next, also at my desk I use the Stackable Cube Organizer "X" Divider and Stackable Cube Organizer Open to help me store my markers. I can take out easily and put back in place. I will soon invest in more of these cubes to store my complete collection of markers with the cubes.

On the opposite side I also keep more cubes for my color pencils and more markers.

Next to my markers I also have the Deflecto Stackable Cube Organizer 2 Drawer
It fits perfectly on my desk holding many of my daily used items.
Another great item I use to organize my many metal dies is the Craft-Magnetic-Sheets. I love that they come 10 in a pack, plenty for our big collection of dies right?

I easily cut them to size and then organize my dies by brand and put in 
wood boxes as seen on the pic below.

Without a doubt the Stackable Caddy Organizer has been one of my all time favs. It can hold so much and best of all I can trasport it anywhere I want. All you have to do is attach the Deflecto Wheel Base and it moves freely. You can also add as many caddies as you wish.

And last but not least, I have the Craft Tilt Bin. It has amazing features, you can:
  • Mix and match to create your ideal storage system
  • Interlocking, dovetail design allows you to stack and connect units together to form a custom modular system
  • Clear bins tilt out effortlessly and stay open while in use; remove easily for cleaning and refilling
  • Great for craft and scrapbooking storage, sewing supplies, and more.  
  • Can be wall mounted or used on tabletop

As you can see Deflecto has many organizing options. I am sure you will find one that fits your needs.

The products I have used here you can find at: Scrapbook.com, Target, and Hobby Lobby. I have no doubt they will make your crafty life easier and funner. You can always contact me for any additional questions. 

So till next time.... I leave you with the "Big Picture" of my Crafty Organized Corner.

Best Wishes for 2018!


Friday, January 5, 2018

Time to Get Organized - My Favorite Tips

Are you crazy about organization like I am? I simply cannot create unless everything in my studio is in its proper place. Deflecto products are simply great at helping me keep everything in order and where it belongs. Here are my favorite products and tips for getting your craft space organized.

Craft Tilt Bins™ are one of the best ways to help keep order. You can fill a wall with them -and store more than you can imagine. Here I have organized paints, mediums, brushes, and inks all in one place. I have removed some of the actual bins to better store my smaller bottles of paint.

Everything in this bin went into the Craft Tilt Bins™ above. Everything is so much easier to see, get to, and work with now.

I also have a set of the Interlocking Stacking Tower Organizers on top of the bins. Remember their lids store safely on the bottom of each piece so they never get lost! I have assorted brushes, pens, and other odd size things in them that I use regularly.

Stackable Cube Organizers are great for storing things that are a little taller. Here I have my set of Tombow Dual Brush Markers (which are TALL) in one of the "X" bins. I also store washi tape and small Xyron machines in this set. These cubes easily attach on the sides so that they are stable on your shelf or table.

More Cube Organizers and Interlocking Stacking Tower pieces keep my stationary and smaller bits and pieces corralled and neat. Use a fancy punch and cardstock to add labels to the front of your drawers so you can see what is in each one. 

The Rotating Organizer was a real life saver to clean up the clutter on my desk. I had multiple small buckets that took up a lot of room. By removing the tops from the bins I am able to store my most used supplies right on my desk in very little space. The very best thing - it SPINS! So I can easily reach whatever I want quickly.

I store my adhesives, pens, additional brushes, my camera all in one small spot. I toss odd and end embellishments in two of the bins. Those little bits that are left from a package of embellishments go in here so they are front and center; I am able to use them up without forgetting about them in a drawer.

Hands down my favorite piece are the Stackable Caddy Organizer. Y'all --- I LOVE these things. Seriously. Go get yourself some right now. I'll wait. ..... Are you back?  These caddies are AMAZING. Here you can see my Interlocking Marker Organizers in the top caddy. I love these because they have flexible grids inside that hold markers and pens in a variety of sizes.

Do you go away to crops? These are great for travel. You can fill them up,, stack them up, head off to crop, and be prepared to beat people off with a stick. I'm not kidding. We all know space is at a premium when at a crop, so you can store a huge amount of supplies in a little bitty footprint.

That's it! My very favorite storage tips for getting your craft space organized. I hope you give some of these a try. Be sure to post your photos on the Deflecto Facebook page - I would love to see them!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

5 Ways To Get Organize With The Stack 'N Store Caddie

When it comes to organizing, Deflect has some of the best products on the market! My favorite is the Stack 'N Store caddie because it has so many functional uses for organizing around the house. I am sharing 5 ways to get organized with the Stack 'N Store caddie!

Office Supplies

Use your Stack 'N Store caddie for keeping your office supplies organized! Use the single containers to hold Washi tape, paper clips, binder rings, etc.!

Add the pen holder to keep all your favorite pens sorted and organized!!

Use the large container to hold all your stationery. Or break it up and use the medium for stationary and add a small container to hold stamps, labels, and other stationary items.

Doll Clothes

Did your kiddo get a baby doll for the holidays??  All those accessories can really take a toll on storage, which is why the Stack 'N Store is a great option for holding all the supplies!

Use the different containers to hold clothes, shoes, accessories, you name it! Add the wheels, and it is the perfect storage option for any location within your home.


Are the Legos taking over your house? Try organizing them in the Stack 'N Store caddie! Have the kids help by sorting by color. Add colored paper to the top of the container, similar to this post on kids' art supplies.

Store manuals in the large container, while the smaller containers can hold different colored Legos, people, and other Lego pieces.

Add the wheels to create a moveable Lego station.


Did you know that the Stack 'N Store caddie can make a wonderful organizer for tools?? Especially for holding nails, screws, and other parts.

Sort the nails and screws and hangers into different containers. Record what is in each one by writing on the container using Sharpie oil-based pens. They are great and can easily be removed by using nail polish remover and a little elbow grease.

Kids' Art Supplies

Keep kids' art supplies organized by storing them in the Stack 'N Store caddie. Add decorative labels to the top so the kids can find what they are looking for.

Use larger containers to hold markers and crayons, while the smaller containers can hold stamps and stamp pads!
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