Friday, July 28, 2017

Using Deflecto's Pouches to Create a Calender

Hello, everyone!!! I'm here today to show you how to use Deflecto's Pouches to create a calendar.

These pouches come in a 7-3/8 x 6 inch size and are packaged 5 to a pack.  They can be used for tons of things: a recipe card holder, picture holder, display piece or even a banner!!

I created a flip calendar.  Let's take a look:

I used 6 pouches to create this cute calendar.  Two months in one pouch.

Here's how:
I used the Cinch to punch evenly spaced holes in each pouch. 

Then I created a cover and put the book to together.

Create your calendars and add them to the pouches.

Before you put all of the calendars inside their pouches, use an enamel dot to make off important dates.

Nice and simple!! I keep this calendar on my desk so that I do not miss another birthday.

So what do you think? Will you use the flexible pouches to create a calendar for yourself?  I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you were inspired here today.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Guest Room Closet Make-Over.

The closet in my Guest Room has been abused and neglected for years. 
I'm blaming the kids, but truth be told, I may have had a small part in it myself.
Because I'm always needing more storage for my ever expanding crafting supplies, I decided to take over the closet for myself.
After clearing everything out, I purchased a large cubby/bookcase from Ikea and treated myself to some nice fabric bins from Target.

To help keep me organized...
I labeled each bin using Small Flexible Pouches and hung them on the bins with Pear Clips.
Everything’s neatly contained and it looks pretty.

Besides all the extra craft storage…
I now have room for finished albums, my camera bag and more.

You may have noticed there are still a few toys left in the closet. (always a work in progress)
I used the Deflecto Rotating Carousel Organizer for Lego storage. (the boys love it)
You can see more of the Guest Room Closet Make-Over here.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Flexible Pouch Personalized

Hello everyone, Martha Lucia here to share with you what I made with the fabulous Deflecto Flexible Pouches 3"x5" that can be used for many things. Take a look at my idea:

I decided to personalize each to be used as a name tag on a Simply Charming Bag, the custom bags that we use to carry the scrap tools or materials.  Now I have one exclusively to carry my die cuts:

The process to make these is very easy:
  1. Cut the letters of the name using gold glimmer paper and arrange the letters on the bottom part of the Flexible Pouch.
  2. Secure this space to avoid the letters moving using the Fuse Tool.
  3. Using a Vellum piece of card stock, stamp the image that you want to have as background with VersaMark and Gold Embossing Powder.
  4. Melt the powder with the heat tool and insert the piece on the Flexible Pouch.
  5. Add sequins with different colors to have the shaker effect.
  6. Close the Flexible Pouch with the Fuse Tool.
  7. Hang or use as you prefer.

Easy and simple! And the best part is that you can personalize and give to each Flexible Pouch a different style if you want because their material is totally clear, durable and finished, that means that the corners aren't pointed, and you can't hurt yourself with them.

Thank you for stopping by, and I would love to know what do you think or if you decided to create your own personalized pouch with Deflecto.

See you soon!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Patriotic Mini-Album

If you took lots of photos this July 4th, you need this fun mini-album!

Made with Deflecto's large flexible pouches and pear clips and just a couple of sheets of paper, this album is small in size, but big on Fourth of July fun!


  • white and blue cardstock
  • patterned paper in patriotic colors 
  • July 4th-themed stickers 
  • red, white, and blue buttons (various sizes)
  • tape runner
  • adhesive dots
  • adhesive foam squares
  • scissors
  • paper trimmer
  • ribbon
  • Deflecto large flexible pouches 
  • Deflecto pear clip
How to:
  1. Using a paper trimmer, cut 5 pieces of white cardstock to 5" x 7".
  2. Using patterned paper and blue cardstock, create layouts on both the front and back of each piece of white cardstock. 
  3. Embellish each page with stickers and buttons. Use foam squares to "pop up' some of the stickers to give your page dimension. Attach buttons using adhesive dots.
  4. Once all pages have been completed, place each page into the pouches.
  5. Use a pear clip as a ring to hold the pouches together in an album.
  6. Cut 6" lengths of ribbon. Tie around the pear clip. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Bridal Shower Mini Albums with Deflecto Vinyl Pouches

Summer greetings!  Many bridal showers and weddings are happening this time of year!  My daughter got married last Summer, and we had a bridal shower for her last July! I had lots of pictures to share and wanted to make a gift of a mini photo album for family and friends who were involved in the shower and wedding.  Deflecto flexible pouches are the perfect solution to keeping the photos pristine through a lot of handling.  I will show you how I made my mini albums below.  

You will need:

Deflecto:  Flexible Pouches 5" x 7" #20020CR; 3" x 5" #20019CR
Deflecto:  Pear Clip, 2-1/2" #20012CR (one for each album)

12 x 12" Memory Papers:  Contrasting papers of the same color family
Vinyl for lettering:  Colors of your choosing
Vinyl transfer paper
Paper Trimmer
Ribbons:  Colors of your choosing
Die-cutting machine


First, select your photos and make sure they are sized small enough to mat and apply to the background paper with plenty of area around each photo.

Select colors of solid and patterned papers that will coordinate throughout the mini album.  I used a 12" x 12" paper pad, and they had already coordinated the papers!

Create a background for your page. Cut slightly smaller than 5" x 7" paper for your background page. Cut a mat paper slightly larger than the photo.  A double mat can be applied to the focal point photo if you prefer.

Check your layout but do not apply adhesive until you have placed the photos.  Dry placing the photos before applying adhesive is a sure way to get them the way you like them before adhering them to the page.

Working from the front of the album; right side up; you will need to reverse the position of each scrapbook page on the back or reverse side of each page.  I arranged each page and then inserted into the front and back of each pouch.

After completing all of the album pages; put them in a pile with all of the edges matching.  Cut a 4" x 7" piece of adhesive vinyl.  Adhere it to the top edges' front and back to "bind" the pages together.

Punch a hole in the vinyl matching to the holes in the stack of pouches.  Attach the pear clip.

Cut and tie ribbons to the pear clip.  One ribbon or ten!  Up to you! Trim the ribbon tails at an angle.

Cut a vinyl monogram B and adhere it to the front of the 3" x 5" pouch.
Cut the word Bride from another color of vinyl and adhere to the top of the B as shown.
I recommend cutting the letter and word from memory paper first to make sure it is the right size and fits on top of the pouch.


I made a mini album using the 3" x 5" pouches.  I used the same technique as shown above.  My daughter has a long haired dachshund named "Riley."  This mini album was dedicated to her. 

Below is a picture of Riley all decked out for the 4th of July!   

Thanks for stopping by!

Make sure to take time to enjoy the small blessings along the way and;

Live Life with a Flourish!


Friday, July 14, 2017

DIY Easy Luggage Tags

Hello! Nadine here today sharing some super easy luggage tags I created for a family vacation we are going on soon.  I used Deflecto's Flexible Pouches and simply slipped in some scrap paper pieces into the pouches and wrote our names, addresses and phone numbers on them.  You can customize them to however you like. I have made these before but with a cruise theme.

Once you have them decorated the way you like, all you have to do is attached them to your luggage with Deflecto's Pear Clips, and you are ready to go!

Thank you for stopping by and hope I inspired you to create your own luggage tags for your next vacation.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Creative Storage

Hi, crafters! Team member Monica here sharing an innovative use for your Deflecto Craft: 

I stuck the Sign Hangers on the outer edge of my table which sits at a sort of slant and added the Pear Clips to serve as a holder for my Fun Flock. I am one of those types of crafters that believe in "out of sight, out of mind." So, seeing my flock will encourage me to actually use it. I also used it to hold me enamel dots, and the hangers are so strong that you don't have to worry about if falling on the floor and you can sort of flip through your colors because the hangers sort of swivel. 

Here they are at an angle. I also used these to organize my parents million prescriptions. They regularly stored them in a basket now they are all perfectly lined up where they can see what they have. MY flock is so much prettier than a bunch of pill bottles, so I felt this was a better picture to show lol....

I hope everyone enjoyed my post and be sure to grab a bunch of these because the possibilities are endless!!! Happy Organizing...

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Die Cut Organization

Hello, crafty friends! Martha Lucia here to share with you the easiest and practical way to organize all your die cuts and see exactly what you have and keep them all in one place after each use. It's a simple and practical solution, take a look:

On this project, I used three different Deflecto products, the Pear Clip to tie all the Flexible Pouches (7-3/8"x6") that I used to storage and carry my different die cuts. To keep all the die cuts in place, I used Magnetic Craft Sheets, and the best part is that I can used both sides of the pouch and the magnets.

For one side, I decorated the border of pouch with different colors of washi tape to identify the type of die cut that is inside. And for the back side of the washi tape I added a piece of card stock with the category of the die cuts. I have single die cuts, borders, tags, elements, molds, animals, etc., and all are from different brands or manufactures.

I definitely love the transparency of all Deflecto organization products, since it is very easy to know what we have and see through it as well as keeping control of things and making sure everything is organized.

Another advantage that I found on these Flexible Pouches is that the closing border lets you secure the magnet sheet and keep it inside of the pocket without worrying that the content will slip out of the pouch. In other words, it is secure for the small or large pieces if you are running and forgot to secure the die cut over the magnetic sheet.

These Flexible Pouch came in two sizes, for this organization project I used large size (7-3/8"x6"), but then I will show a creative project with the Flexible Pouch 3"x5" that I am sure you will love! Super easy, practical and useful! What do you think?

I would love to hear from you. See you soon!!!

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