Friday, May 19, 2017

Golf Themed Birthday Party

Throw a Golf Themed Birthday Party for the golfer in your life with Deflecto!
We recently celebrated a milestone birthday for my husband, who is quite the avid golfer. He’s been playing golf since he was a kid and even caddied as a teen. It only seemed fitting that we celebrate with a Golf Themed Birthday Party.

I kept the menu simple with his favorite foods; fried chicken, pasta, sandwiches, chips and salad.
For fun… I used golf lingo to create little signs to label some of the food.
I used “free golf clipart” that I found online and customized each sign using a free photo editing site. 

To clip the signs onto the serving dishes I used... 

Of course… there was the Water Hole and a Arnold Palmer Station.

Make a signature Arnold Palmer drink of lemonade and iced tea.
I used a 4" x 6" clear acrylic craft frame for my "Arnold Palmer Station" sign.

I used a mini 3" x 4" sign holder for my "grab your club" sign.

I easily hung this large 5' golf banner on the wall using the sign & banner hangers.

I had so much fun planning this special “Par-Tee” for my husband. It was easy thanks to a little help from Deflecto Craft Solutions.

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