Friday, January 19, 2018

Organizing the Kids Craft Cabinet

I have this awkward wall cabinet between my kitchen and dining room.

It opens fully on the dining room side and only partially on the kitchen side.

Not completely functional, it doesn’t get used all that much.

It’s been the dumping spot for misc. household and kid crafts for the past two decades.

My very active grandsons always want to make something, do something.

I thought a more organized easily accessed spot would be a good idea.

After a little sorting and purging, it’s nice and neat.   

Everything’s labeled.  It’s easy to find everything they’ll need.

Here are the products I used to organize my Kid’s Craft Cabinet:
  • Interlocking 5 Tilt Bin Organizer
  • Interlocking  Tilt Bin Organizers, Six Bin (20603CR)
  • Single Tilt Bins (421103CR)
  • Interlocking Marker Organizer
  • Rotating Carousel Organizer, Nine Canisters (3901CR)*

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