Friday, October 20, 2017

Drink Me Bat Juice Potion

Hi everyone! It's Halloween time and who doesn't love some Bat Juice?? I love adding new things to my Halloween decor every year and this year it is a fun Drink Me sign and a Bat Juice Potion Jar to go with it. For these projects, have use the Flexible Sign Danglers and the Mini Slanted Sign Holder.

The Mini Slanted Sign Holder is 3x4 and the perfect size to add to any table, buffet, or craft project! I love them for adding to my craft displays. It is super easy to decorate inside and outside the frame. Here I have added some 3D decorations to the front of the frame using 2 sided tape and foam dots. I have also used a Flexible Sign Dangler to add my bat over the sign. Fun!

I also used a Flexible Sign Dangler to attach another flying bat to my potion bottle. These little sign danglers are so easy to use in so many ways!

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