Saturday, January 23, 2016

Stackable Cat Cube

When you have three cats as we do, the cat "stuff" can get out of hand. Medications, treats, combs, toys -- usually all of these things are just piled up in a basket making it hard to find what you need. So I decided to get my babies' accessories organized with Deflecto!

I started with the Deflecto Stackable 4-Drawer Cube Organizer. I then covered the top and sides with patterned paper, finishing the corners with washi tape. Since the cube organizers are stackable and can be interlocked, I can always add more cubes later as my cats add toys to their arsenal.

I added some dimensional cat-themed stickers to the top and sides as well. Using JOY embroidered letters, I personalized the caddy with the word "Meow". Now my cats can tell it's for them. :)

For the finishing touch, I used cat buttons on each of the drawers. These buttons originally had shanks on the back; I cut the shanks off with a button shank remover and then attached the buttons to the drawers with glue dots.

Now I can find everything I need for my kitties without a fuss!

Products used can be purchased at, or you can click HERE and enter your zip code to see where you can purchase Deflecto Craft products near you.

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