Monday, December 9, 2019

Interlocking Tilt Bins...All around the House

It doesn't matter if you need a little or a lot of help organizing.

The Deflecto Interlocking Tilt Bins are great to use all around the house.

We have a few organizing ideas to get you started.

For the Kids...

Kids are the number #1 mess makers around most homes.

The Interlocking Tilt Bins are great for art supplies, playdoh, Legos, the list could go on and on.

In the Bathroom...

Hair ties, make up.  Clear up the clutter on the bathroom counter.

In the Garage...

There are so many bits and pieces to organize out in the garage.

Perfect in Mancaves too.

In the Nursery...

The Interlocking Tilt Bins are perfect for keeping things handy when your hands are full.

In the Craft Room...

The tilt bins are interlocking and stackable.

Great for storage needs All Around the House.  Wherever you need a little extra storage.

The nice thing about the interlocking single tilt bins is that you can use just one or use several.

You can also hang them on the wall or use them with the mounting bar.

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Monday, November 25, 2019

Organizing your Cookie Decorating Supplies

Cookie making and decorating time is upon us.

If you love making cookies but hate digging out all the stuff, design team member Erin Reed

shows us how she organizes all her cookie-making supplies into a one-stop spot.

Erin likes to keep the supplies organized so they are easy to find, no digging through the drawers

to find the items she needs.

In each of the little cubbies of the Deflecto Interlocking Tilt Bins, she placed items needed to

decorate the cookies, such as the food coloring to dye the icing, cookie cutters, sprinkles, and

cupcake liners.  Erin loves that the Deflecto Tilt Bins open and stay open until she closes them.

You can also remove one bin at a time and take it to another spot on the counter.

It makes getting things in and out of the bins super easy.

You can read Erin's full post here.  (and get her sugar cookie recipe)

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Friday, November 22, 2019

Snowman Tower of Treats

Looking for a creative Christmas gift for your crafty friends? 

One thing crafty friends can always use is organization ideas. 

Especially for tiny things like brads, eyelets, and buttons.  

Design team member Nadine Carlier turned the perfect organizational idea 

into a sweet snowman that can be used for craft organization after the holidays.

each of the three sections with a different flavor of Hershey Kisses.

She embellished it with ribbon, face, and hat for an adorable Snowman anyone would love.

After the Holidays, it is perfect for when you need tiny storage options.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Holiday Hostess Gift Idea

The Holiday Season is here and that means two things: gift-giving and parties?

If you're struggling for ideas, design team member Lorrie came up with the perfect solution

for a practical gift that any hostess is sure to love.  

Lorrie created a Coffee Station using the Deflecto 3 drawer Organizer.

It's an easy gift to put together that is sure to please even the pickiest party host.

The drawers in this unit are just the right size for K-Cups and all the things a coffee lover needs.  

Lorrie filled the top drawer with assorted K-cups, the second drawer with single-serve creamers 

and the bottom drawer with sweetener and disposable spoons.  

The host can set this out at the party next to her single-serve coffee maker and let guests help 

themselves.  You can see Lorrie's full post here.

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