Monday, April 17, 2017

Pink Pencil Cup for brushes!

Hello, crafty friends! Martha Lucia here to share with you a Deflecto Pink Pencil Cup that I decorated using black vinyl and a butterflies thin lits or die cut. 

I am not a pencil person because I forgot my pencils every where, so I preferred to use my cup to keep and store the brushes that I use on my paper creations. I have two different types of brushes and the cup comes with two different sides so it is perfect for my purpose. 

 The first thing that I made was cut several butterflies using Black Vinyl. I prefer to cut this with my big shot and not use punches because sometimes is hard to cut the vinyl with these and you lose a lot of time. The butterflies that I cut are great because they had designs inside and with the big shot these are enhanced. After I cut the butterflies, I started to paste one by one over the cup, creating a special side pattern. I wanted all the butterflies concentrated over the center of the cup to have a great design when I open it.

   When you turn the cup around, you can see that the inside comes with two spaces or frames that you can use for photos or messages. Of course, I used it for this purpose and decorated the borders with vinyl butterflies too.

  The process was very simple and quick. And the best part is that I can change my design whenever I want. The material of the Deflecto Pink Pencil Cup is easy to clean and durable. And I can also open and close my cup whenever I want! 

 I hope my project inspired you to personalize your Pink Pencil Cup too and be happy every single day! 

 See you soon!

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