Thursday, July 27, 2017

Guest Room Closet Make-Over.

The closet in my Guest Room has been abused and neglected for years. 
I'm blaming the kids, but truth be told, I may have had a small part in it myself.
Because I'm always needing more storage for my ever expanding crafting supplies, I decided to take over the closet for myself.
After clearing everything out, I purchased a large cubby/bookcase from Ikea and treated myself to some nice fabric bins from Target.

To help keep me organized...
I labeled each bin using Small Flexible Pouches and hung them on the bins with Pear Clips.
Everything’s neatly contained and it looks pretty.

Besides all the extra craft storage…
I now have room for finished albums, my camera bag and more.

You may have noticed there are still a few toys left in the closet. (always a work in progress)
I used the Deflecto Rotating Carousel Organizer for Lego storage. (the boys love it)
You can see more of the Guest Room Closet Make-Over here.

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